Welcome to the chemical Reaction Simulation (RS) extension to SIMION

RS models the chemical reactions of gas phase ions at atmospheric pressure (AP) conditions. It was started as university project of the department of physical and theoretical chemistry of the university of Wuppertal (BUW) and is freely available (RS is licensed under GPL).

ASMS Poster about RS: Ion temperature simulation

In the actual version, RS assumes isothermal conditions. However, if the reduced electric field strength (the electric field divided by the number density) becomes high (a couple of Td), the kinetic energy ions gain from the electric acceleration becomes higher than the thermal kinetic energy. This effect can be modeled by a field dependent ion temperature which can readily become very high, in particular in reduced background pressure regimes.

RS available in SIMION test installer

The latest SIMION test installer [SIMION (20120904)] contains the first bundeled release of RS.

First Version

We have released the first public version of the RS source code and the first preliminary version of this website. 

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